Beer bath


Our extensive range of wellness and relaxation services has been extended by a wide range of body and soul care procedures: baths, massages and wraps.

The beer bath has a curative effect on the hair, rejuvenates the skin, releases the muscles, heats the joints and supports the immune system. Increases cardiac activity - promotes blood circulation activity, which has a positive effect on the vascular system. It warms the skin, releases the pores, and sweats away from the body of the harmful substance. The live beer brewers' culture of beer spreads the skin to a whole range of B vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and contributes to total body softening and regeneration

Beer baths at Kolštejn

- 50 minutes (20-minute bath, 30-minute relaxation and a jug of beer from Koltevny Minipivovar)

Price 990 CZK/ bath/ person


Available types of baths:

  • Original beer bath

Ingredients: Beer produced by the traditional method, live brewery yeast culture, honey and honey

  • Bath with malt

Ingredients: malt - vitamins and malt protein have a demonstrable effect on the skin especially in dry skin therapy, regulates cellulite, helps in some eczema. Mother who goes to the beer spa is from the Kolštejn brewery

  • Hop bath for relaxation

Ingredients: Hops of hops, St. John's wort and a few droplets of oil

  • Hops bath with herbs, for sleeping

Ingredients: raspberries, lavender and dobromysle

  • Hops bath strengthening

Ingredients: hops of hops, chamomile flower, lavender, rosemary, royal jelly


Kolštejn women's beer cane - 90 minutes

Price 1 690 CZK

Wrapping of beef and brewer's yeast, bath of choice with application of face and décollette face mask, back and neck massage with extracts of hops.

After the warming effect of the beef and yeast wrap, we apply a beer moisturizing face mask to your face and décolleté, followed by a choice bath, a jug of our unfiltered beer

 your relaxation will be a relaxing neck and back massage with hops extract.

All ingredients are purely natural with a complex of vitamins B, vitamin D, more than 30 kinds of minerals and trace elements, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and phytoestrogens.


Beer bath with massage, for men, lasting 70 minutes

Price 1 390 CZK

  • beer bath, back and neck massage with hops extract oil, using cut Himalayan crystals, jug of Kolštejn beer jug


Wraps, facial masks and massages using beer cosmetics

Malt-wrapping wrap - 25 minutes

Price 390 CZK

Original warming process acts as mud or peat, in addition to warming it also nourishes the skin because it contains a lot of nutrients - especially calcium, iron, less potassium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, B vitamins. The procedure softens and strengthens the skin and the subcutaneous tissue. The mall that is used is from the Kolštejn mini-brewery.


Beer moisturizing face mask for face and décolleté - lasting 25 minutes

Price 190 CZK


Beer moisturizing face mask, facial and décolleté massage - 50 minutes

Price 490 CZK


Beer moisturizing facial mask, lymphodrainage of the neck and décollet face - 60 minutes

Price 890 CZK

Manual lymphatic drainage of the face, neck and décolleté - special very fine tactile technique, stimulating blood circulation, activates detoxification process, restores lymph flow. Its effects are not only therapeutic but also preventive and regenerative, it is an inherent part of modern anti-agingg skin care. The procedure is accompanied by feelings of inner well-being and deep relaxation

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