Sauna rituals

Enjoy Sauna ceremonials in Branná. We are ready to offer you unbelievable experience of real “sauning”.

How is the process of the ceremony in Branná?

  • At 6:30pm starts the first common introductory ceremony for all visitors of the Vital world for free. This ceremony is in the area in front of the sauns.
  • Process of the introductory ceremony is a surprise for each of you. We can reveal to you that you can get a lot of valuable information about right way of “sauning”, “hardening“and relaxing.
  • For most enjoyable atmosphere is prepared aromatic kettle on the fireplace and performance of the professional sauna master Jiří. During the introductory ceremony you will become acquainted with the next program of “sauning ceremony”.
  • The following sauning ceremonials are at 7:00pm, 7:30pm and 8:00p. The Main sauning ceremony of the evening is always at 7:30pm.
  • These ceremonials are available only for few guests, who paid lump sum in amount 120 CZK. This amount includes special sauna laundry, which is necessary for sauna ceremonies, raw materials, supplements and fresh fruits, which we use for the ceremonies.

During the Sauna ceremonials you can experience

  • pouring an aromatic mixture over the hot stones 
  • steam hits by a towel or fans
  • swirling of hot air by fans, Celtic battalions or towels
  • salt peeling with lime essence
  • sugar cane peeling
  • rejuvenating the skin by honey with cinnamon or coffee
  • skin refinement with white yoghurt
  • crushed ice peeling with mint
  • and many more and more unrepeatable experiences we have prepared for you.


  • SAUNA CEREMONIALS represent the "upgrade" of normal sauning to a higher level. In the VITAL WORLD in Branná, an experienced sauna master Jiří performs every Tuesday and Saturday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm according to a pre-prepared program of rituals.
  • You can see the process of some SAUNA CEREMONIALS in Branná on our VIDEO.

The icing on the cake 

  • After completing the sauna ceremony, it is necessary first to wash the product residues under the shower for hygienic reasons and then immerse yourself in the cooling pool
  • After the sauna ceremony there are fresh slices of fruit prepared for you by our wellness team. After refreshment it is important to spend enough time for relax and have a rest for the body in some of the relaxation zones (tea room, tepidarium, upper rest room).

Opening hours

  • In the Vital World, we organize Sauna ceremonials every Tuesday and Saturday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
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